Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The "mere memories" of Rome's last generation...

A chilling and all too applicable reminder to our generation:

Even after Rome fell many were unable to believe that is fall was more than a temporary set-back.  In southern France, the gentleman bishop, Sidonius, lived the life of a Roman of the old order, with a villa in the hills, a library, a dinning room with a fireplace, baths, and hunting parties, as well as dinner parties.  Although the barbarians were destroying cities and ravaging the countryside throughout the whole Western Empire, Sidonius could not believe that Rome was finished.  As he wrote to a friend, "Providence I doubt not will grant a happy issue to our prayers and under new blessings of peace we shall look back upon these terrors as mere memories."  Soon after Sudonius' death, his own villa was burned and the easy cultured life he knew was gone.  Providence, as always, had moved not in terms of man's wishes, but in terms of the unfailing law of God."
~R.J. Rushdoony, A Christian Survey of World History 

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