Thursday, August 23, 2012

On the Subject of Food...

As summer progresses the supply from our garden only increases thanks to our Creator's abundant providence! We never cease to be amazed at the amount of food on our plates that comes from our own garden or was raised on our farm and produced by our own hands. Daddy regularly asks the question, "Where did this come from?" From our garden, from the woods, from the deer the boys harvested last fall, etc. We are blessed to often see first hand how God feeds His children.
Green beans and zucchini are particularly productive right now.  Mama finds new ways to prepare the latter fruit so we haven't tired of it, yet.
Simply fried in olive oil and seasoned with fresh herbs, tomatoes and pepper this time...

Beef Stroganoff, Green Beans and Cabbage Salad:
Actually, the meat was venison, I believe; it was deliciously tender. The sauce is quite simple... fry about 6 oz. of bacon, brown a few pounds of sliced meat, garlic, onion and salt in the bacon grease, add 3 rounded tablespoons flour, a few tablespoons tomato sauce, a cup of beef broth, a tablespoon or worcestershire sauce, 1/2 teaspoon paprika and simmer a few minutes. Just before serving, add 1 cup of sour cream and a tablespoon of parsley. 
Of course, green beans cooked till just tender with butter and salt are unbeatable, to quote a favorite cook book, and cabbage, carrots and lettuce with sesame oil and rice vinegar add the essential uncooked element.

Mama revived an old family tradition last week, serving the invariable midwest "tuna salad" (updated with mangoes this time :o) ) on a lettuce leaf.  She remembers her grandma insisted serving salads on a lettuce leaf as part of the dinner presentation on the family farm in Nebraska. 

Em and I were inspired by a picture on the front of King Arthur's Baker's Catalogue. As an aside, checking the mail when you're hungry is generally a torturous ordeal at our house and not recommended... :o) We compiled our own version of Turkey Avocado Strawberry Sandwiches, fruit and salsa for a picnic.  The zesty, lemon dressing on the sandwiches added a lively tang to the turkey and avocado while the strawberries and spinach were sweetness and crunch, respectively.

And now for tradition's sake, we'll finish with the last course; desert!
On a typical summer's night the Lenz family can usually be found outdoors finishing projects till well after dark. After a particularly long day, we will occasionally (not so often it becomes common which is the essential secret to preserving the value of any delicacy) treat ourselves to this most rare and wonderful of all foods, chocolate.
Of course, it must be prepared properly... melted in butter and and brown sugar and whisked in thick, fresh cream, with a small optional float of ice cream for glorious contrast.

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