Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Peony

Kissed of the sun and damp with dew
Gauzy robes and lustrous hue
I met her...
Her blushing laughing gauzy face 
Toward heaven’s dawn drew mine apace
Breathed glory 
Glory glory a happy fragrant song.
And they danced, the exuberant throng,
In worship,
With Her sisters bent in the breeze together.
So gracious yet fleeting; while we forever
Blessed bend
In reverence and sing before a worthy Master
Who clothes us both, our heavenly Father
And Creator.
While she blooms bright and fades in time
We, in His luminous robes, kiss the Son sublime;
Bloom brighter
And look to a fuller light - His everlasting day.

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Aspirer said...

I love the picture in this post. Thanks, dear!

♥ Aspirer