Thursday, April 12, 2012

Her Face...

From the blog of Mr Doug Phillips:

To Be a Titanic Widow: One Woman's Story Preserved in Her Letter to Her Mother-in-Law

"If you are like me, then it never hurts to get a healthy dose of encouragement. Sometimes encouragement comes from understanding the sacrifices of those Christians who came before us."

Follow the link above to read his entire post and the letter of Charlotte Collier to her mother in law shortly after the disaster.
We talked about the sovereignty of God this morning...the perfection of faith in suffering. I can only imagine the trial of the soul for the widows of the Titanic. So many men endured the greatest for life...and were proven true by their Maker that night. So many women were tested in the next hours and days with another trial of the heart. Would that He could be pleased to bring the same glory to His name through us in tribulation that He made for Himself in the dark hours of their souls.

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