Saturday, March 17, 2012

The faith of a man who has cast himself entirely on God…

(As quoted in A Word in Season, vol. 2, pg. 5-7, by R.J. Rushdoony)

"What made St. Patrick great when many men of far greater ability are today forgotten or barely known? There were many church men of far greater learning than Patrick, better trained for the job than he was, and in every human respect his superior. While Patrick was a superior man, if we had been living in his day, we would have picked a number of other men as far more likely to make their mark and achieve greatness.
There were, however certain things which set Patrick apart. First of all there was his faith. R.P.C. Hanson in his book, St. Patrick, writes,Patrick realizes perfectly well that God's providence is quite compatible with his meeting disaster and death. He is prepared for the worst to happen. His faith in God is not a faith that God will always work a miracle to save him, but a conviction that he can entirely trust God to bring about a good result whatever may happen, the faith of a man who has cast himself entirely on God."…
It was said of St. Patrick that he was a man of one book, the Bible, not because he was an ignorant man, or one not versed in the thinking of his day, but because all his learning and experience were brought to focus on one thing, knowing and proclaiming the Word of God… St. Patrick knew that his God is the true and great God, Lord of all creation, and at all times he acted in the certainty of God’s victory. Other men were more impressed by their obstacles and enemies and less impressed in practice by God, and despite their great abilities, they failed to accomplish what St. Patrick did. What impresses [us] most, God or our problems?”

Praying we would always act in the certainty of God’s victory!

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